The aim of liposuction Surgery is to re-contour your body to produce a more proportioned and often aesthetically enhanced shape. The technique of liposuction Surgery has many applications and the range of procedures is available to both men and women. Although, the fat cells that have been aspirated do not regenerate, a small percentage of these cells are left under the skin and muscle and will continue to store fat if excessive weight is regained.

Liposuction is the removal of fat cells performed under anaesthesia. When we gain weight we do not grow more fat cells. ‘Getting fatter’ simply means that our existing fat cells have become swollen. Liposuction Surgery removes fat cells and they are not replaced. A hollow metal tube is inserted through small incisions in the skin, which breaks up the fat cells that are then removed with a vacuum pump or syringe.

Most commonly treated ares:

Procedure Time: 1-4 Hours
Hospital Stay: 1-2 Days
Recovery Time: 4-6 Weeks

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

A Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty removes excess fat, tightens the abdominal skin, and repairs separated abdominal muscles to restore a healthier, flatter tummy.

Men and women who lost weight and are left with loose abdominal skin, mothers who after childbirth have stretched abdominal muscles, and others who despite their best efforts in the gym can’t get rid of that belly pouch are candidates for this surgery.

There are three different types of abdominoplasty:

  1. Complete abdominoplasty – In this procedure, an incision is made above the pubic hairline, another is made around the belly button, and the muscles that run vertically on each side of the stomach’s front wall are tightened. The skin removal and the muscle tightening are the most critical steps in improving the contour of the stomach. Liposuction may be performed along with the complete tummy tuck, depending on the amount of fat that needs to be removed.
  2. Mini Tummy tuck – It is done for patients who have mild to moderate stomach contour changes and have minimal excess skin and little weakness in the abdominal wall.
  3. Circumferential abdominoplasty – If there’s large amount of excess skin and fat in hip and back area as well as abdomen, circumferential abdominoplasty is performed. It helps to improve body contour in three dimensions.
  • Procedure Time: 4-5 Hours
  • Hospital Stay: 4-5 Days
  • Recovery Time: 4-6 Weeks

Arm Lift

An arm lift is done to remove excess skin from the upper arm area. The sagging skin in the upper arm is usually caused by weight loss. However, the natural ageing process also causes skin to lose elasticity naturally. Many individuals find that the arms, in particular, lose their firmness as the layers  of muscle and supporting fat become thinner. In such cases, an arm lift can help to restore and tighten these areas, giving a much firmer, youthful look and leaving you more confident to wear sleeveless tops and dresses.

Procedure is performed under anaesthesia. Incisions are made beneath the arm from the armpit downwards; the size depends on the individual. Excess fat and skin is then removed to give a more trimmed look to the arm and leaving them with a firmer feel.

Procedure Time: 15-2Hours
Hospital Stay: 1-2 Days
Recovery Time: 4-6 Weeks

Thigh & Buttock Lift

Thigh and buttock lift is a surgical procedure which lifts and tightens loosen skin and improve the contour of thigh and buttock area. This procedure is not a treatment for obesity. It’s an ideal treatment when

  • You have lost some skin elasticity in your thigh, hip, or buttock areas.
  • Your skin area sags or has an “orange peel,” or dimpled appearance.

This procedure lifts the thighs and buttocks by removing a segment of skin. To lift the inner thighs, short incisions are made extending from the back of the thigh/groin crease around to the buttock crease. Lifting the entire thigh and buttock (also known as circumferential lower body lift) requires much longer incisions. These incisions are made starting in the buttock crease, then extending around the groin, up and over the side of the abdomen, over the flank and then across the back.

The remaining scar lies across the lower abdomen and just above the buttocks on the back. The major benefits to patients are tighter buttocks, diminishing or completely removing thigh cellulite and removal of back rolls or excess back skin after losing excessive weight.

Procedure Time: 3-4 Hours
Hospital Stay: 2-3 Days
Recovery Time: 6-8 Weeks

Thigh & Buttock Lift

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